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Loyola University Chicago Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - One hundred electrical

Question - One hundred electrical components each dissipating 25 W, are attached to one surface of a square
(0.2 m x 0.2 m) copper plate, and all the dissipated energy is transferred to water in parallel flow over
the opposite surface. A protuberance at the leading edge of the plate acts to trip the boundary layer,
and the plate itself may be assumed to be isothermal. The water velocity and temperature are u8 =
2m/s and T8 = 17°C, and the water's thermo physical properties may be approximated as v = 0.96 X
10-6 m2/s, k = 0.620 W/m · K, and Pr = 5.2.

(a) What is the temperature of the copper plate?
(b) If each component has a plate surface area of 1 cm 2 and the corresponding
resistance is 2 x 10-4 m2 · K/W , ...Read More

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