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    Meat and Meat Products

    Question Industry R eport B eef Eating Q uality and Consumer Panel (20 % ) – Due , 2 May 5:00 PM : o This report will be based on reviewing the factors

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    Product Management

    Question Instruction: 1. Written Report (in Word) • Choose a digital product (software, web app or mobile app) • Research (websites, white papers, case studies, r

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    Design of Product and Services

    Question 2.5.2 Analysis and modelling exercise Weight: 30% Type of Collaboration: Individual Due: Week 8, 9pm (Day of class) Submission: Online to vUWS Assessment 2 (Peb

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    Question UU -MBA -714 Business Methods and Procedures Page 1 UU -MBA -714 Business Methods and Procedures Week 7 Assignment Brief Prom

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