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What do you understand by the term Corporate Finance?

Corporate finance is the field of finance dealing with decisions related to financing that an entity make and the use of tools to analyze the feasibility of the decision. The basic goal of corporate finance is maximizing the corporate value while controlling the firm's financial risks. There is a difference between corporate finance planning and managerial finance, which is wide in scope and involve the studies related to the financial decisions of all the firms, rather than corporations alone.

The discipline in Corporate finance can be divided into long-term and short-term decisions. Capital investment decision for example is a long-term, a decision about the project funding, whether to finance that investment with equity or debt, and when or whether to pay dividends to shareholders. Short term decisions on the other hand deal with the balancing of current assets and current liabilities for the short term. The terms corporate finance is associated with investment banking. Investment bank evaluates the company's financial needs and raises the capital by the appropriate tool so, the terms "Corporate finance” may be associated with transactions in which capital is raised for the business growth and sustainability. Decisions related to fixed assets and capital structure comes under capital investment decisions.

  1. Corporate Finance aims at maximizing the firm value by investing in projects with an expected positive yield and by calculating the net present value using an appropriate discount rate.
  2. These projects must also be financed appropriately.
  3. In case of lack of opportunities, management, must return excess cash to shareholders via dividend distribution. Capital investment assignment helps decisions thus comprise an investment decision, a dividend decision and a financing decision.

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